Getting started

Good to know before you start

Currently API is based on sandbox approach. You can play with available API by calling them and use their responses by developing your amazing products and services.

API functional and technical details, like, request and response attributes, their descriptions for specific API endpoints, are provided in API Explorer

For all requests and responses, only JSON format could be used.

Available countries: Citadele Latvia (PARXLV22), Citadele Lithuania (INDULT2X), Citadele Estonia (PARXEE22)


List of available API endpoints is provided in API Explorer

Environment URL
Sandbox (Test) https://developers.citadele.lv/api/
Live To be available starting from 01.06.2019


At first, you will need an authorization token to start using services. Get your token

We will create few tokens for you so you can create and test valid, invalid, expired and other states of different consents.

These tokens are used in API calls to identify PSU.

Sandbox data

You are able to test APIs containing data of PSU accessing both private individual and corporate accounts, different types of transactions and get confirmation of available funds.

Swagger file

API specification is provided in Swagger file, which could be downloaded from API Explorer

REST APIs with JSON format messages according to the Berlin group standard. There are 2 ways of Swagger file download possible:

  1. Download Swagger directly from API Explorer to get access to all available API documentation.
  2. Download Swagger file from specific API section to get documentation of specific API.